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Oracle Killed JDEREF.com

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Sorry, we've been closed down

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that jderef.com can no longer exist, having recently been served legal notice from Oracle regarding information copyright infringements relating to their product schemas. This is a bitter blow, not only for me personally, (having invested many hours creating this shared resource) but mostly for the users like you, who have started to depend on the presence of this resource, to use and enhance JDE and it's satellite products - to further your knowledge and insight into Oracles flagship ERP products.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that this is a rather narrow sighted view adopted by Oracles Product Team given that;

  1. it's supporting their product
  2. anyone with access to JDE will technically be able to obtain this information anyway, albeit in a far less convenient and expedient fashion
  3. any competitors will have long since already obtained this information

But as a private individual based in the UK - I have no choice but to concede - I don't fancy going up against charges from Oracle's legal teams. It was only a matter of time before my little website got the attention of Oracle - but this was not the response I was hoping for.

If you spread the word, make a little noise towards the "Legal Director/Managing Counsel (Law Practice) at Oracle Corporation" (Google it) - they may see how valuable this resource was for their users

Regards, the late jderef.com

Attn: Copyright Agent,  jderef.com

Pursuant to 17 USC 512(c)(3)(A), this communication serves as a statement that:
1.I am the duly authorized representative of Oracle Corporation and its affiliates ("Oracle"), the exclusive rights holder for the JD Edwards software including its schemas;
2.These exclusive rights are being violated by material available upon your site at jderef.com;
3.I have a good faith belief that the use of this material in such a fashion is not authorized by the copyright holder, the copyright holder's agent, or the law;
4.Under penalty of perjury in a United States court of law, I state that the information contained in this notification is accurate, and that I am authorized to act on the behalf of the exclusive rights holder for the material in question;
5.I may be contacted by the following methods:

T*** D***
Managing Counsel
500 Oracle Parkway
Redwood Shores, CA 94065

I hereby request that you remove or disable access to this material as it appears on your service in as expedient a fashion as possible. Thank you.
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