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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
8F41021LIItem Location File
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F0006MCBusiness Unit Master

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F4211SDSales Order Detail File
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0101ABAddress Book Master
5F0911GLAccount Ledger
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
10F07831YBEmployee State/Local Control Table

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
5F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
6F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
7F0902GBAccount Balances
8F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
9F4801WAWork Order Master File
10F42119SDSales Order History File
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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP13: Plant/Equipment Management
1F13017Equipment Parts List21PLDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOP17: Customer Service Management
2F4801TZ2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing35WQDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOP30: Product Data Management
3F300211Lean Multi Level Bill of Material Detail69EDDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOP41: Inventory Management
4F4101Item Master35IMDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
5F4101MItem Manufacturing Data10IMDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
6F4101Z1F4101 Item Master Unedited Transaction Table50SZDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOP41F: Apparel Management
7FCW57Work File Additional System Information (F4101)15WFDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOP48: Work Order Processing
8F4801STPurge - Work Order Master Tag File22WADRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
9F4801TWork Order Master Tag File22WADRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
10F4801Z1Outbound Work Order Header169SYDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200
TOPH95: Object and Environment Tech
11F00166Media Object Categories32GTDRAWDrawing NumberStringGeneric Edit200

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