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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
8F41021LIItem Location File
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F0006MCBusiness Unit Master

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F4211SDSales Order Detail File
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0101ABAddress Book Master
5F0911GLAccount Ledger
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
4F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
5F4211SDSales Order Detail File
6F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F0902GBAccount Balances
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F4801WAWork Order Master File
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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP76B: Brazil
1F76B040ePIS COFINS Job Header - BRA - 76B3PHB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
2F76B050Address Book - SPED Project - WF - BRA - 76B1WAB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
3F76B051Item number - SPED Project - WF - BRA - 76B1WIB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
4F76B052Unit of measure - SPED Fiscal Brazilian WF - BRA - 76B1WUB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
5F76B053Transaction Nature - SPED Fiscal Brazilian WF - BRA - 76B1WTB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
6F76B054Messages Information - SPED Fiscal Brazilian WF - BRA - 76B1WMB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
7F76B055Cost Center - SPED Fiscal Brazilian WF - BRA - 76B1WCB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
8F76B056Account - SPED Fiscal Brazilian WF - BRA - 76B1WTB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
9F76B057Administrative Process - SPED Project - WF - BRA - 76B1WDB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
10F76B058Judicial Process- SPED Project - WF - BRA - 76B1WJB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
11F76B0730Ato Cotepe Header Blocks Template - BR - 001HBB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
12F76B0731Ato Cotepe Detail Blocks Template - BR - 001DBB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
13F76B0740Ato Cotepe Process - BR - 002PHB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
14F76B0780COTEPE Rules Table Control1RTB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
15F76B0800Address Book - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1ABB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
16F76B0801Item number - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1IMB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
17F76B0802Unit of measure - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1UMB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
18F76B0803UM Conversions - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1FCB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
19F76B0804Asset number - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1ANB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
20F76B0805Transaction nature - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1TNB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
21F76B0806Messages information - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1MIB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
22F76B0807Cost Center - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1CCB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
23F76B0808State - SPED Fiscal Brazilian Workfile1STB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
24F76B940SPED Jobs -BR - 093SJB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20
25F76BUI80COTEPE Rules Table Control Work File1CRB76ATCTSPED Project VersionStringUDC20

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 76B / VC (Project version) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1        09SPED Fiscal Y
3        PCePisCofins Y
4        SDAccounting SPED Y