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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
8F41021LIItem Location File
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F0006MCBusiness Unit Master

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F4211SDSales Order Detail File
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0101ABAddress Book Master
5F0911GLAccount Ledger
6F4102IBItem Branch File
7F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
4F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
5F4211SDSales Order Detail File
6F42119SDSales Order History File
7F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
8F0902GBAccount Balances
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F4801WAWork Order Master File
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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F0911Account Ledger90GLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP05: Time Accounting and HRM Base
2F050116WEmployee Master Integrations Work File7EMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
3F05102Goal Master13SMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
4F05105Goal Suggestions12GSJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
5F0609Deduction/Benefit/Accrual Ledger File18Y$JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
6F06106Employee Pay Instructions58YMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
7F0618Employee Transaction History43YTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
8F0619Benefit/Accrual Detail File18Y$JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
9F0625Change Code History File2JBJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
10F06251Step Progression Rate History File4JBJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
11F069106Union Benefits Master2Y1JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
12F069126Union Rates File5YLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
13F0691261Additional Union Rates5YLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
14F06915Holiday Table5JHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
15F069162Job Type/ Item Cross Reference File1JHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
16F06923Valid Job Type/ Step Constant2YHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
17F06925Employee/Vendor Cross Reference3YGJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
18F06933Step Progression Parameters5J@JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
19F06936Retro Pay Types Rate6JAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
20F0709Deduction/Benefit/Accrual Ledger File23Y$JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP05A: OW HR & PR Foundation
21F060116Employee Master Information32YAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
22F0601161Point-In-Time Employee Master34PTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
23F060116WEE Master Request File32YAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
24F060116ZUnedited Quick Hire Transaction File25SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
25F060119Employee Jobs History File3YEJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
26F06345Historical Payroll Register11JLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
27F069056Establishment Constant File10YOJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP05T: Time Entry
28F06022Employee Piecerate File19JAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
29F06116Employee Transaction Detail File43YTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
30F06116Z1Employee Transactions - Batch File55VLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
31F06116Z2ESS Timecard History55VMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
32F06278Retro Timecard Detail File41YTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
33F06290Payroll Accounting Journal Work File18YRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
34F063951Payroll Journal (Compressed) File27GLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
35F06904Automatic Accounting Instructions19Y#JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
36F069136Tip Disbursement6JEJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
37F06918PF - Piece Rate File3JNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
38F069306Union Local Cross Reference3Y@JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
39F06932Classification/Pay Cross Reference1J4JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP06: Payroll (old) - Obsolete-do not reuse
40F060118Employee Jobs3YEJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
41F060146Employees Pay Rate File4JIJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP07: Payroll
42F05290WF - Payroll Journal (Detail)27JRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
43F06270Retro Processing Parameter44JPJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
44F063106Deduction/Benefit Work File9Y7JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
45F07100CCQ WORKFILE4F7JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
46F0716701Employee Assignment T/E Template Information4EAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
47F0716709Employee Assignment T/E Template Info History4EAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
48F0717ROE Summary History40JFJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
49F071861Stub Detail Piece Rate History File6Y8JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
50F0719DBA Transaction Detail History23Y$JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
51F0729Employee DBA Override Instructions71Y9JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
52F073521Stub Detail Piece Rate File6Y2JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
53F07355Pre-Payroll Error File21Y5JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
54F074001New Hire Reporting Workfile - OneWorld Only81NHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
55F07880SUI Magnetic Media Workfile41YWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
56F07UI200Timecard History Work File46THJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08: Human Resources
57F0800601Organizational Business Unit/Job Cross-Reference2JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
58F0800605Job Type/Step Competencies1JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
59F0800609Gap Analysis Snapshot8YIJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
60F0800610Competencies in Structure and Job2JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
61F0800612User Defined Job Competency Description Reference9JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
62F08006WFJob Competency Default Overrides Work File7JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
63F08092Human Resources General Description-User Def Codes4JZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
64F08093Human Resources General Description - Narration4JYJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
65F082003Grade/Step Progression Detail File5YWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
66F083305Mail Merge Header/Detail22MMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
67F087101Default Setup Tasks1DTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
68F087711CBPA Appraisal Header15XJJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
69F08JDWF1Job Description Changes Integration Work File7JCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
70F08JDWF2Job Description History Integration Work File3JHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08A: eRecruit
71F08470Job Postings18JPJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08AD: ADP Integration
72F051371ADP Employee DBA Instructions63ADJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
73F051372ADP Employee Job Master Information8ADJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08B: Benefits Administration
74F0833WFBenefit Statement Work file19WFJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08H: Health and Safety
75F08601Injury/Illness Case Master5HLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08P: Position Control
76F08001Job information2JMJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
77F08005Business Unit/ Job Id. X-Ref2JVJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
78F08101Position Master14HPJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
79F08101PPurge - Position Master14HPJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
80F08111Position Budget Detail8HQJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
81F08111PPurge - Position Budget Detail8HQJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08R: Recruitment Management - (Appl. Track. & Req.)
82F08102Requisition Information13HNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
83F08401Applicant Master7HAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
84F08401WFApplicant Work File8XNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
85F08910COBRA Qualified Beneficiary File29J1JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
86F08920COBRA Coverage8JSJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP08W: Wage and Salary
87F08201Salary Review Workfile15HRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
88F08830WFCompensation Root Work Table30YNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP09: General Accounting
89F0911PPurge - Account Ledger90GLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
90F0911Z1Journal Entry Transactions - Batch File107VNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
91F0911Z4F0911 Interoperability Table112SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
92F09123Advanced Variable Numerator58VNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
93F09UI015Indexed Computations Multi-Tiered Entries90GLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
94F52G11Burdening Detail Ledger31BDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
95F52G11WFTemporary Burdened Detail Ledger Workfile31BWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP12: Fixed Assets
96F1201Asset Master File83FAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
97F1201PAsset Master Purge Table83FAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
98F1201Z1Unedited Asset Master Transactions94FAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP13R: Resource Assignments
99F48311Resource Assignments13RAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
100F48311SPurge - Resource Assignments13RAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP17: Customer Service Management
101F3112Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing34WLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
102F4801TZ2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing60WQJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP18: Resource Scheduling
103F186301Timecard Templates24TTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
104F186602Labor Rules Tag File54TFJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP30: Product Data Management
105F300311Lean Multi-Level Routing Detail File31EHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
106F3003Z1Routing Transactions File48SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP31: Shop Floor Control
107F3112Work Order Routing21WLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
108F3112SPurge Shop Floor Control Routing Instructions21WLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
109F3112Z1Outbound Work Order Routings34SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP40: Inventory/OP Base
110F3003Routing Master File35IRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP41F: Apparel Management
111FCW68Style Work Order Routings22WLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
112FCW93Copy to Outsource Operations for Style Items3STJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP42: Sales Management
113F42800G1Sales Update G Batch Detail Workfile76DGJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP43: Procurement
114F4311Purchase Order Detail File223PDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
115F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File249PWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
116F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table233SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
117F43121Purchase Order Receiver File155PRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
118F43121ZReceiver workfile198PWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
119F43121Z1Receipts Unedited Transaction Table200SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
120F4314ZVoucher Match Selection File209PNJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
121F4316Purchase Order Multiple Account File57P3JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
122F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version225OLJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
123F43UI50DPO Print Detail Work File73PWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP43A: Purchase Order Receipt/Routing
124F43126Purchase Order Receiver Multiple Account58P4JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
125F47012EDI Purchase Order Detail - Inbound257SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
126F47017EDI Purchase Order Detail - Outbound226SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
127F47042EDI Invoice Detail - Inbound105SZJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP48: Work Order Processing
128F4801STPurge - Work Order Master Tag File47WAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
129F4801TWork Order Master Tag File47WAJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP48S: Service Billing
130F48096Billing Rate / Mark up Table9WQJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
131F4812Billing Detail Workfile34WDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
132F4812HBilling Workfile History34WDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
133F4812HSBilling Workfile History Purged Save34WDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
134F48S0618Payroll Reclassification Workfile43YTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
135F48S910Billing Detail Journal Workfile48W2JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
136F48S911Summarized Journal Workfile39W3JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
137F48SUI01Billing Detail Print Workfile34WDJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP49: Transportation Management
138F49004Mode of Transport Constants3CTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
139F49040Vehicle Staff (Conversion from World File)3VSJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
140F49041Depot/Vehicle Staff6VSJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
141F49614Load Staff3TSJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP52: Contract Billing
142F5212T and M - Unit Price and Lumpsum Cross Reference Accounts13G5JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP52G: Government Contracting
143F52G20Contract Specific Labor Categories5LCJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
144F52G20WLabor Category Work File7LWJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
145F52G21Contract Specific Labor Category Cross Reference5LRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
146F52G90Invoice Printing Work Table39WTJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP54HS: Health & Safety Incident Mgt
147F54HS02Incident People21S2JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
148F54HS02MIncident People Change History24I2JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP75Z: New Zealand - Reporting System Only
149F75Z0008New Zealand Special Rates5Z8JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP77: Payroll (Canadian)
150F07183Commission History Detail File11ZBJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOP89: Conversion Programs
151F07186TPiece Rate History File6Y8JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
152F07352TPiece Rate Stub Detail Tag File6Y2JBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOPF30L: DFM Line Design
153FF30L930DFM Routings36LRJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
TOPF31: Lean Transactions
154FF31112Routing Transaction Table11EHJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60
155FF31112SPurge - Routing Transaction Table11ETJBCDJob Type (Craft) CodeStringUDC60

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 06 / G (Job Type) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1          .N
2    #ALLOCAllocated Tips recordN
3    #SUMM Summarized Tips recordN
4    0A-0  ControllerN
5    0A-1  Accounting ManagerN
6    0A-10 Purchasing AgentN
7    0A-2  Senior AccountantN
8    0A-3  Financial AnalystN
9    0A-4  AccountantN
10    0P-0  Finance DirectorN
11    0P-1  Asst Finance DirectorN
12    0P-2  Accounts Payable ClerkN
13    0P-3  Accounts Receivable ClerkN
14    1M-1  MIS ManagerN
15    1M-2  IT ManagerN
16    1M-3  System AnalystN
17    1M-4  Programmer AnalystN
18    1M-5  ProgrammerN
19    2H-1  Human Resources ManagerN
20    2H-2  Employment RepresentativeN
21    2H-3  Compensation SpecialistN
22    2H-4  Benefits SpecialistN
23    2H-5  EEO SpecialistN
24    2H-6  InstructorN
25    3P-1  Payroll ManagerN
26    3P-2  Payroll AdministratorN
27    4A-1  Administrative AssistantN
28    4A-2  SecretaryN
29    4A-3  ClerkN
30    50PE  Project EngineerN
31    50PM  Project ManagerN
32    50SU  SuperintendentN
33    5J-1  City ManagerN
34    5J-2  County SupervisorN
35    5J-3  Purchasing ManagerN
36    5J-4  Fire FighterN
37    5J-5  ElectricianN
38    5J-6  Junior EngineerN
39    5J-7  NurseN
40    5J-8  TeacherN
41    5J-9  JourneymanN
42    61    ForemanN
43    62    ForemanN
44    63    Equipment OperatorN
45    64    EngineerN
46    64-1  DesignerN
47    64-5  Spec TypistN
48    65    DraftspersonN
49    66    ElectricianN
50    67    ElectricianN
51    68    TechnicianN
52    69    DriverN
53    6G-1  City ManagerN
54    6G-2  Purchasing ManagerN
55    6G-3  County SupervisorN
56    6G-4  Fire FighterN
57    6G-5  NurseN
58    6S-1  Security SupervisorN
59    6S-3  Security ScreenerN
60    6S-5  Security GuardN
61    7H-0  Hotel ManagerN
62    7H-1  Waiter/WaitressN
63    7H-2  HostessN
64    7H-3  HousekeeperN
65    7H-4  Service Worker (Bell Stand)N
66    7H-5  BartenderN
67    7H-6  Bus personN
68    7H-7  ChefN
69    8M-1  Maintenance EngineerN
70    8M-2  Distribution ManagerN
71    8M-3  ClerkN
72    8P-1  Plant ManagerN
73    8P-2  ForemanN
74    8P-3  Lathe OperatorN
75    8P-4  Setup PersonN
76    8P-5  Production WorkerN
77    8P-6  QA InspectorN
78    8P-7  Press OperatorN
79    8R-1  Maintenance Mechanic JuniorN
80    8R-2  Maintenance Electrician App 2N
81    8R-3  Maintenance Instruc. JuniorN
82    999   OtherN
83    9S-1  Sales ManagementN
84    9S-2  Sales RepresentativeN
85    A0    Chief Executive OfficerN
86    A1    PresidentN
87    A2    Vice PresidentN
88    ADMASSAdministrative AssistantN
89    BOARD Board of DirectorsN
90    CC200 Corporate ControllerN
91    CLERK ClerkN
92    M1    ManagerN
93    M200  ManagerN
94    MX801 AdministradorN
95    MX802 Jefe de OperacionesN
96    MX803 Asistente AdministrativaN
97    MX804 SupervisorN
98    MX810 Tecnico EspecialistaN
99    MX811 ElectricistaN
100    MX812 MecanicoN
101    MX813 Trabajos GeneralesN
102    MX820 Operario - EventualesN
103    PB-1  Planner/BuyerN
104    PRES  PresidentN
105    PROG  Associate ProgrammerN
106    PROGRAProgrammerN
107    SALREPSales RepresentativeN
108    SECRE SecretaryN
109    TRN1  TrainerN
110    TRNER TrainerN
111    TYPISTTypistN
112    VICPREVice PresidentN